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The Primordial War

Agobh, father of the Abyssal Worms, devours the world of Galathea. In retaliation, seven Khepheru (Beast-Gods) hunt Agobh back to his own world of Chaldis, a cold lump of honeycombed rock, lit only by the distant light of its sun. After a titanic war, the Abyssal Worms are driven to the world’s core.

The Taming of Chaldis

The Khepheru settle the world of Chaldis with the survivors of Galathea. They build sun mirrors to reflect the light of the Cold Sun, driving the Abyssal Worm spawn deep into Chaldis’s core. The gods breed with the survivors, creating the Races of the Dawn. A golden age of civilisation occurs. The Worldsoul of Chaldis bided her time and waited to overthrow her usurpers, who had covered her beautiful landscape with oceans and alien forests and grasslands.

The War in Heaven

There are several legends about why this war between gods and mortals started. The Iliath Chabbat says that the great kings of the first age grew tired of their rule by the gods and sought power for its own sake. However, the secret texts taught by the Disayr Court said that the gods feared that the mortals would surpass them. The Grand Convocation occured, where Emperor Kallach Ironshaper of the Sumahn Empire told of his plan to rebel against the Khepheru, using the ancient power of the titans. The great kings were transformed into titans and battled against the gods.

The Dark Ages

The War ended. No one really won – the gods were weakened and the Wordsoul of Chaldis grew powerful when the Greensward broke, spawning stone wights and other monstrosities from the pitiful remnants of the mortal races that cried out to her for succor. Other, dark fallout occurred:

  • Lady Ishren commits the first murder against a divine being, by killing the sea-goddes Barakka. Ishren is cursed and her realm of Lybosk is cast in the astral sea. The gods turn against each other.
  • The True Hells are breached. Dagobh is chained to the walls of the Chaos Hells.
  • The Worldsoul starts to wear away the Greensward.

World Timeline

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