Chaldis > Kithspurral

In a region on the southern hemisphere of Chaldis, the vast region of Kithspurral is found – a vast region peppered by small domains, decaying empires and the ruins of past ages. Kithspurral encompasses Chaldis’s antarctic region.

Significant areas in the region of Kithspurral are:

Ichero: A desert empire, dominated by seven city-states, built on the ruins of the First Age. The trading city of Salabasca sprawls around the shattered shell of a former floating city. The Church of the Illuminate, with its Artificer-Priests, guides the kingdom from its sun-baked ziggurats, while the Undying Warriors strive to protect the inhabitants of Ichero from the dread boundaries of the cursed city of Gabrinoc.

Gorchakkra: The empire of the High Orcs, who rule their grim lands according to the laws of their divine ancestors and tend vast, ancient tombs using complex, bloody rituals. The Hell’s Reach Chasm slashes its way through northern Gorchakkra. It’s said that the god Dagobh, the Worm of Ages, is bound in the Chaos Hells at the base of the Chasm, and many devout crusaders of the Mortanius Court ride down into the Chasm to free their god or die in the attempt.

Gorom: Nestling amongst the icy wastes of Gapul, Gorom is a large domain encompassing a volcanic river valley. Gorom is devoted to cults dedicated to the Tsargoth Court. Gorom is a thick, fertile jungle, heated by streams of lava.

Aarnakh: A city-state ruled by the Warlock King, who forbids the worship of the Beast Gods within his city. He is said to be the last surviving Sumahn, the race of Sorceror-Kings who dared defied the Khepheru! Arnaak is a city made of black stone, carved into the Obsidian Mountains. Ash rains from the sky and the land trembles continually, but the great city has not yet fallen.

Rathor: A complex, state of elaborate customs and rituals.

Byrnocht: A primitive collection of kingdoms, dominated by the Icherans who slew the High King and claimed his throne. The Byrnoctians worship the Greensward, the

Cahbrai: Sacred land of the horse gods.

In addition, there are small domains the size of hamlets, depending on trade and support from larger domains. There are also isolated domains, hidden amongst the Stone Wastes, home to degenerate cultures and their mad rituals.

Other remnants of the First Age still linger in the stone wastes; these ‘glades’ are animate memories of times long past.

Beneath the rocky surface of Chaldis, the world is honeycombed with caverns and layers.


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