Several different groups of humans can be found in Chaldis:

Cahbraimaran Horse Lords

The Cahbraimaran Horse Lords are the descendents of slaves who escaped the Thassilon Empire before it collapsed. They live in great, warring clans and favour the gods of the Tsargoth Court. For generations, Cahbrai Horse Lords believe it was their ancestral duty to watch for the return of the demon-worshipping kings of the Thassilionian Empire and oppose them, but slowly the culture of the clans is changing due to immigration of other races.

Native Cabrahman have golden-brown skin and lean, aquiline features, with brownish-red hair and green-to-hazel eyes.

Settled Cahbrai

A number of Cahbraimaran clans now live in Cahbrai’s settled trading cities. They tend to be of mixed blood.

Those of mixed Cabrahman/Icherain descent tend to have honey-coloured skin, dark eyes and dark hair. Languages: Windtongue (no written script); Icherain (Valandro and Castagnicci dialects); Casta (pidgin using elements of Windtongue and the Valandro dialect.


These humans are native of Ichero, a desert empire to the east of Cahbrai. Several hundred years ago, the Icherans used their skyships to establish an empire throughout Kithspurral. The Icheran empire collapsed into civil war, leaving their colonies scattered and cut off from each other.


The Akhars


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