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Cahbrai is a domain in Kithspurral. It is a fertile region, allowing habitation, in the middle of the Stone Wastes. Tradeways link Cahbrai to the domains of Rathor, Cheskal and Aarnakh. Near the tradeway to Rathor is the trading hub city of Magnimar and south of that, along the banks of the Thunder River, is the small town of Sandpoint.

Geographically, Cahbrai is rugged and lightly wooded, dominated by the Storval Plateau and the Uplands.

Cahbrai is a domain where faith in the War Gods of the Tsargoth Court and the Chaos Gods of the Disayr Court runs strong.

The great empire of Thassilon was once based around Cahbrai, a powerful, demon-worshipping empire that now since fallen into ruin and decay. The domain boundaries have weakened greatly since the fail of the Thassilon Empire.

For centuries after the fall of Thassilon, Cahbrai was ruled by the great clans of the Cahbrai Horse Lords, who wandered across the rugged ranges and steppes.

However, recent colonisation by the Icherains has created a rift between the Cahbraimarans who cling to their traditional ways of life and those who have developed settled, agrarian townships.


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