The Fortress of the Stone Giants

(I haven’t proved very good at updating the adventure log, so I’ll just give some sketchy details of the most recent adventure – the Fortress of the Stone Giants – the second half of the campaign.)

A year has past since the previous adventure, where the PCs rescued the Black Arrow Ranger corps but caused the mining town to become flooded.

Mist spent her year off connecting with the ancient Cahbrai tribes. She also spent time struggling to understand the riddle of her blue-steel longsword that, when combined with the elder Cahbrai’s lore, she was able to forge into spear.

Surena spent her year off meditating and in proviate study, communing with the gods of death, and working in her parents’ alchemy shop at Sandpoint.

Leith spent the year brewing and whoring.

Bergthor returned to his tribe to rule them! He killed his father and at last reigned over the Spirit People tribe.

Sandpoint Attacked!

But trouble struck! Stone giants started to attack Sandpoint! Luckily the PCs were able to rally to defend their home town. They battled the stone giants, which were attacking in small groups. They also confronted a red dragon that was flying in to firebomb the town. Bergthor worked out how to defeat the dragon by predicting where it would fly in over the town and then intercepted it elemental form. Leith determined that the dragon was under a magical compulsion effect – and indeed noted a rune that had been carved onto the dragon’s stomach by a great wound that cut into its scales.

As the other PCs defeated the stone giants, Bergthor extracted information from the dragon and a promise for it to serve him in future. He then released in. Meanwhile, it turned out that the stone giant attacks on Sandpoint had been a feint! A group showed up attacking the Old Light, the mysterious ruin in north east Sandpoint. The PCs rallied in time and drove off the stone giants, preventing them from taking a mysterious white orb from the ruins.

Leith scried the stone giants and discovered that they were slowly moving ‘swimming through the sea of stone’ to the west. The PCs decided to leave Sandpoint to follow them and so bid their families and friends farewell.

The PCs went north to Magnimar and began to leave the Cahbrai domain, travelling on the tradeway across the Stone Wastes.

They visited the domain of Rathor, and learned of the haunted palace of the Maharajah. Very few returned who entered there, and those who did – returned alive. The PCs lobbied the Rajah to enter the accursed ‘Tomb of the Five Fingers’, believing that the challenges would benefit them on their overall quest to battle the stone giants. The PCs discovered that the tomb was in five different sections. After entering a white passageway, they found themselves in an ice-themed dungeon, where they encountered winter wolves and a savage frost worm. After the frost worm was defeated, they recovered a white key and then discussed what future fate would await them!


I’m going to update this blog bit by bit – summarising the three main adventures I’ve run so far. The plot will diverge a fair bit from the published Rise of the Runelords campaign, as I tend to extrapolate and improvise a lot based around the basic framework of the plot.


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