Mist Whitehorse

Shieldmaiden of the Tsargoth Court


Lawful Good – Medium Humanoid (Cahbrai Human) – Paladin 9

Hit Dice: 9d10 (69 hp)
Initiative: +0
Armor Class: 22 (24 vs evil)
Speed: 20 ft.

Ability Scores: STR 16 (P), DEX 12 (P), CON 15, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 16 (P)

Modifiers/Saves: STR +17, DEX +15, CON +10, INT +9, WIS +10, CHA +17

Note: save +2 vs evil, Dex -1 encumbrance

+2 Cahbrai Starsteel Spear/Lance, atk +12 (dam 1d8+4); as sylvan (free attack if reduce opponent to 0 hp, +1d6 damage if in wilderness), starsteel (can damage creatures of the stone wastes), double damage if charging
+1 Longsword, atk +11 (dam 1d8+3); glows blue
Thrown Spear, atk +8 (dam 1d8+2); range 20 ft.

Special Abilities: Cure disease 1/wk, detect evil, divine aura (+2 AC vs evil, +2 save vs evil), immune to disease, lay on hands 18 hp/day, turn undead (level – 2), divine mount, aura of courage (immune to fear, allies within 10 ft get +4 sv vs fear), smite evil (1/day, vs evil only, +2 attack and +9 damage)

Class Skills: Horsemanship (Dex), Convince (Cha), Strategy (Int)

Languages: Common, Icheron, Storm, limited Cahbrai


Possessions: +2 Cahbrai Starsteel spear/lance, +1 longsword (glows blue), amulet of protection +2, earing or protection +1, potion of cure serious wounds, gloves of arrow snatching, Polish Hussar (AC 8, EV 3), medium shield (AC 1), blue steel longsword, holy symbol (silver), backpack, waterskin, torches, flint & steel, rope, 2x spare lance/spear, saddle, saddlebags, bedroll.


Shadowmist – Lawful Good – Large Magical Beast (Heavy War Horse)

“Child of Sinchiroca”—Divine mount granted by the gods.

Hit Dice: 4d10 (17 hp)
Armor Class: 14
Speed: 50 ft.
Court Affinity: Tsargoth Court

Ability Modifiers/Saves: Physical +10, Mental +10

Attacks: 2 hooves +4 (1d6+3), plus bite +4 (1d4+2)

Special Abilities:
“Halrek aid me”—Shadowmist grows hawk wings.


Mist is an attractive young girl of the Whitehorse clan, a family of traditional Cahbraimaran Horse Lords who settled in the region during the founding of Sandpoint (40 years ago), giving up their nomad ways. They now breed horses and trade with their tribal cousins.

Although Mist was brought up following the domestic Iliath Court gods of the Icherans, which her family converted to many years ago, she has instead received dreams and visions to return to worship the traditional war gods of the Tsargoth court followed by the Cahbraimaran.

In her dreams, Sinchiroca the Horse has told her that she must raise an army for the leader of the Horse Lords to oppose the returning Thassilon Empire, from the stories her great-grandmother told.

Mist has decided to return to the old ways and become a Cahbrai Shieldmaiden, although she does not know a lot about the traditions as her family has long since abandoned them. Her parents are opposed to her decision and it has caused a rift with them, but she has taken her great-grandmothers tribal gear – armor, shield, sword and spear – and set off to find out about her past.

The gods still talks to her, and has told her than soon she will face many trials – those that are evil will be revealed to her, and she will be able to channel healing power when necessary. The Tsargoth gods will also help to protect her from harm when their help is called upon.


The horse

Whilst questing to save Sandpoint, it was found the nearby goblins had trapped a proud and noble wild horse. Once rescued, the animal revealed itself to in fact be a Child of Sinchiroca, a divine mount which the Tsargoth Court had granted to Mist.

Shadowmist, as the beast is called, is a now loyal friend and companion to Mist, coming to aid when needed (they share a divine magical bond).

The hawk

Mist was tasked by Halrek the Hawk, along with her companions, to defeat the beast beneath the lake. As the battle progressed, Mist needed help to reach the monstrous foe and called upon Halrek for aid.

The Tsargoth Court considered her worthy to grant the request, gifting Shadowmist with hawk wings when needed to carry the battle to the enemy.


  • For affronts to the Mortanius Court and assault upon their servant, Mist can no longer be risen from the dead via magic.
  • For disrespect to Iseru the Ox, of the Iliath Court, Mist has gain the curse of the maze and loses her sense of direction easily.

Mist Whitehorse

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